Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ataxia Disease in Cats

Ataxia Disease in Cats
Ataxia is a disease that affects the limbs, movement, body position and stability of the cat. 

When the animal is upset and has uncoordinated movements and other difficulties must perform a series of tests to know that evil is suffering and to rule out other diseases. 

If the cat walk as if 
drunk , is lack of coordination between the head and trunk, inability to walk or jump, climb, drowsiness, etc., may have ataxia. 

Should be taking blood tests, urine tests, x-rays etc. and you can find out if the cat has ataxia. 

Could be cerebral ataxia , vestibular and sensory. cerebral ataxia is when you have problems in the cerebellum, the region that is responsible for balance and coordination of movement. It has a "duck walk. 

"vestibular ataxia is when you have problems in the inner ear, or may be affected certain nerves
 that go from the ear to the brain. They may have side head, walking in circles, and rapid eye movements (nystagmus).sensory ataxia is when there are problems in the cerebellum, the spinal cord, or peripheral nerves. The cats are standing and walking with the legs wide apart, have a great weakness. Cats can be born with a condition or manifest a few days old when even the brain is developing. 

If the cat after the exams are found to have some form of ataxia, there are treatments for all and manage to have very good quality of life. The cat will always seek an outlet for their disability, of course you have to follow all the recommendations of the veterinarian and you can get another young cat to play with him.