Tuesday, 6 August 2013

How to Choose a Dog Breed?

Dog Breed
Assuming the acceptance of all the inconveniences and changes in our lives can mean adopting or purchasing a dog, and depending on that we have already had the company of these animals or be "newbies" in the field, is presented an important option that can be varied success or failure in the future relations irrational family member.

The initial outlay will be carrying out to buy a copy of good constitution, a healthy and excellent "pedigree" would not be very different depending on the breed, dogs except for few and far between. However, this price, logically increases based on the "quality" of the animal, divided between thirteen or fourteen years of life probably did not find it so outrageous.

The puppy bargain or offered by an acquaintance at a low price will not, in most cases, a perfect specimen purebred, registered in the registers of official cynological societies.

However, already decided to perform an expense that may seem superfluous at times very high and we have to meditate slowly dog breed that we will integrate into our circle of life. Aesthetic preferences subjectively makers in most cases, especially in the masters "beginner", typically demonstrated bad advisers. Badly can be blended with Doberman, however beautiful it may seem, if we want a calm animal, pet, you can live without leaving a small apartment near, nor can we train to defend our assets to a sweet cocker, although it represents the ideal type of dog we wanted.

Many races for various functions
Cynological groups and patterns of behavior of each of the races will guide us to a first approximation with respect to the purpose for which the animal is intended that we will acquire.
Fans on the hunt, according to the hunting mode to practice, will rationally separating and discarding those varieties that go beyond their needs and can finally meet a list of 10 or 15 races, more or less similar and affordable, including to make the choice.

A family who wants a constant companion, guardian of property or physical, can act analogous way to separate ultimately space requirements, exercise and feeding of the finalists.

Space and exercise: limiting factors
Something that is all too often forgotten in the previous considerations to the purchase of the puppy is that the size of our can be very different depending on the chosen race. What we can offer the ultimate space dog as permanent accommodation? A Great Dane, for beautiful picture and temper cannot physically live in an apartment in a city without causing serious inconvenience to their masters without harming the animal's health. But not only the size of the hostel, we must also take into account the need for free space requires minimal exercise to be performed by each race. A defense like dog bulldog can live in a small apartment as well as the boxer, although the latter need more outdoor exercise, but a great dane or bull-mastiff hardly achieve a balance of character and health if you do not have a garden to expand.