Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wounds and Injuries House Cat

Wounded Cat
One of the pets more prone to home accidents, especially during the first age to maturity, is the mysterious feline, inquisitive and independent was considered sacred animal in ancient Egypt. Cunning seems contradictory that the elasticity of movements and enormous physical gifts of cats are not sufficient to prevent multiple injuries, wounds and bruises that usually visit home on copies.
However, the innate curiosity, ignorance instinctive urban jungle predator's blood running through his veins propitiate the risk until the modified knowledge and behavior conform to the location of the apartment, the back or rural housing share with their masters.

Ingestion of objects
Extremely common in young animals may be due to intestinal obstruction and gastrointestinal serious injury. The instinctive behavior of small kittens leads them to pursue, bite and play with moving objects or small critters. The balls of wool with needles included are irresistible toys that despite the tradition must always be kept well hidden for safekeeping of our pupils. Very young puppies can ingest hair and wool, with its claws tear of carpets and rugs. These indigestible masses can form balls that are not easily expelled with the feces and can even cause death of the animal. Often sufficient to purge olive oil presentation soft occlusions produced by wire, wool or meat gristle, but it is desirable that the decision corresponds to the optional entitled.

Bruises and Falls
The incessant activity of cats and placed them exceptional physical powers sometimes fall situations, dislocation and shock produced by ornaments, vases or semiautomatic operation of appliances that can catch the tail or paw animal. The famous seven lives that are attributed to these cats are due to the power down on all fours if a forward or sliding window, as their sense of balance makes them turn and take that position landing. Also, the elasticity of his muscular body enables them to enter through openings and holes implausible, and speed in the jump, and the amazing ease in climbing trees and wooden structures, allows avoiding the dangers that can ace Charles by dogs and other large animals. If your cat suffers a bruise from a blow or car accident, should be immobilized and warm while requiring urgent vet visit.

Wounds and burns

More frequent than desirable result from falling pots or pans on the animals or because they walk on burning stoves and furnaces. The affected area should be washed with soapy water or hydrogen peroxide, and after cutting the adjacent hair apply healing cream, mercurochrome or other disinfectants, so that cannot be licked by the pussy itself. The prevention of accidents which may be involved our cat is one of the must dispensaries preferential attention.