Sunday, 11 August 2013

What is Dog Grooming?

Dog Grooming
"To get the optimum hygienic conditions and aesthetic characteristics for a dog is called dog grooming"

Dog grooming phases:
  1. Preparation for the bathroom, and condition monitoring undone Dog
  2. Bath proper, appropriate use of each breed and coat type.
  3. Drying and brushing
  4. Cleaning ears
  5. Cut nails.
  6. Finishing and fragrance

 Why Dog Grooming is good?
The grooming is good because it helps regulate and prevent future negative situations for the pet such as skin problems, hair loss and parasites. Help to identify other problems that might go unnoticed as otitis, anal sac disease, ingrown toenails, poor oral hygiene and others. Each job of grooming is an opportunity to detect any abnormality and seek a solution to your veterinarian immediately.

How to select a professional dog groomer?
Selection of a good professional groomer is very important when taking care of your dog. In order to find a groomer that engages your dog you have to take into account the experience, location, recommendations and services offered. Some groomers work specifically on various types of dogs such as small, medium or large. It is advisable to talk to the groomer in advance if there is any need or special requirement.

What information I can provide to the dog groomer?
At the time of taking the dog to the groomer is important to mention if your dog is nervous, shy or aggressive. It is vital that you take the necessary precautions if the dog does not tolerate pressure or a tendency to bite. Notify if the dog has a known allergy or skin sensitivity to any tool or product in the grooming.

Can grooming to be applied to any kind of dog breed?
Yes, there is a kind of grooming for each race, depending on their size and coat.

How I can prepare my puppy for grooming?
It should start from the two-month-old puppy accustomed to the use of the brush and comb, suggesting the puppy it's a game and reward for good behavior. The bathroom can be started from that age with anti-tears shampoo for puppies.

How often should I give my dog ​​grooming?
The grooming applies for periods of 22-45 days, depending on the breed of dog. Consult your veterinarian or groomer.

How long can a dog grooming?
Its minimum length is one hour, depending on the breed, dog's temperament and job complexity. Consult your veterinarian or groomer.

What are the basics that I need to brush my dog?
To proceed to brushing dog must be at least: a brush and Olive Mediterranean.

Can I bathe my dog without first brushing?
No, you must unravel the dog's coat before proceeding to the bathroom to avoid knots and promote better cleaning.

Can I use human hairdressing machine for a dog?
Using human hairdressing machines can lead to skin injuries. Currently there are a range of dog grooming products tailored to the needs of the pets.

Should I protect my dog's ears during bathing?
Definitely yes, it is advisable to know how to manipulate the dog to prevent water from getting into your ears. Consult your veterinarian.

Can you wash the dogs face with shampoo?
Yes, currently there are line-tears shampoos that allowing the dog wash her face without any problems since they are products manufactured with raw materials used in cosmetics for babies that do not irritate the eyes.

Can I apply ​​human nail polish to my dog?
No human enamel should apply to dogs because they contain chemicals that can be toxic. In the market today there are glazes made for dogs as the line of Pet Society Enamels.

Can I bathe my dog ​​with people shampoo?
A dog cannot be shampooing for people. The pH of the skin of dogs is 7.0 (neutral) and the human skin is 5.5 (acid). If we apply a shampoo for people most likely our dog's skin become sore, dry and mistreated the coat. The use of shampoos made especially for dogs and proper pH as the line of shampoos.

 Is conventional perfume spray suitable for my dog?
Conventional perfumes are harmful to dogs, since the pH of the dog's skin is different to the pH of the human skin. Applying human scent a dog can cause allergies, skin irritation, and itchy skin causes hair loss. Only special animal scent that provide shine, silkiness and coat protection use for your dog.

What is the difference between stripping and grooming?

Stripping is only cutting hairs without having found any aesthetic appearance while grooming is the set of operations to keep a dog in optimal hygienic conditions and aesthetically characterized their race.